FnBright provides simple, informative 5-page dashboards for F&B managers.
See all the crucial facts in 5 minutes. Reports are generated automatically using your POS and RMS data. We do all the work and you enjoy the result.
This video explains everything in 5 minutes
Easy to set up
Easy to set up. There's no need for you to do anything at all. We'll connect our system to your POS/RMS and that's it - now you can access the dashboard with one click.
Easy to use
Easy to use. You get a 4-page interactive dashboard with simple point-and-click interface. It has all the data laid out systematically in front of you. Making product, staffing, marketing decisions becomes a lot easier.
Easy to see problems and winners
Easy to see problems and winners. Just by looking at the dashboard you can quickly identify problems with products or staff, as well as see those who outperform.
Easy to dig deeper
Easy to dig deeper. If you need more details, just click on the area that interests you - you'll get even more information. You can focus on a product, member of staff, a day or a month - whatever you think needs a closer look.
See How It Works
FnBright is a set of 5 dashboards that process
data from your PoS system.
You see interactive, easy to read graphs that exposeall the critical aspects of your restaurant - Staff, Menu, Sales, and Costs.
How We Can Help
What sells well
Identify your leaders and loosers. What items generate more revenue and when. What should we focus on?
See individual and shift performance. Who is doing well selling drinks? Whose check is stably lower that average?
Problem spots
Are we voiding too many checks? Giving too many discounts? An item is not generating enough revenue to stay on the menu? One of shifts consistently does less covers in a day than others?
/ /month
Pricing is simple:
How will you get my data?
We will connect your POS to Microsoft server that will analyze it.
What's the installation process like?
We need to access your computer remotely and install Microsoft Data Gateway - it will connect your database to our data processing server. The whole process will take 30 minutes and will require minimal participation from your side. For your peace of mind, you will be able to see everything we do on your screen.
Can I choose what data I want to see? Layout of the dashboards?
Not really. The beauty of the solution is that it's all done in advance so you don't have to spend time setting it up. However, you can slice and dice your data any way you want - it gives you virtually endless possibilities.
How often will I get the reports?
You can access them as often as you like. Data is refreshed once a day.
How detailed are the reports?
The reports start at top level to give you a bird view of the situation. Then you can dig deeper if you need to - you can see sales analysis of a single menu item over a year if you wish to.
Can I see past data?
Yes, all the data stored in your POS will be analyzed, even if FnBright wasn't connected at that time.
Is this an alternative to my POS? Can I enter data?
No, it does not replace your POS and you will not have to enter any data manually.
Where do you keep my data?
The data is stored on a secured Microsoft server.
Do you share my data?
We do not share nor sell your data
Can I cancel?
Sure, you can cancel any time. However, we're sure that you'll get your money's worth.
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